New Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a line of business that is constantly changing, especially because of the need to adjust to technological developments. Even larger brands have trouble keeping track with it. This means that marketers have to…


Italians who made it

Italians are probably best known for their cuisine, and for a good reason. Pasta and tortellini are among the favorite dishes of people from all around the world. As a country that boasts some of…

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How To Get Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

One way of getting great and unforgettable wedding pictures is to hire a professional to do them for you. For instance, on a website like QualcosadiBlu, you’ll find experienced and professional photographers you can count on….

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Clean room systems & Modular clean rooms

How they work, how they can improve your life A clean room is any room that is enclosed and maintained under certain limits of environmental factors. The rooms are used in various industries for the…

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Foundations and the real estate market

Pirelli Foundation has the main goal to spread the knowledge between individuals. The Pirelli Foundation has been officially established more than 4 years ago to fulfil the wishes of Pirelli & C. SpA, Pirelli RE…

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Top 10 ten managers worldwide

The corporate world machine is oiled by the witty intellect and expertise of top managers whose influence shape the destiny of the business world. Most of the leaders are cleverly innovative, apply exceptional customer focus,…