The city of Algeri, which is also known as Dzayer in the Algerian Arabic language, Ledzayer in the Kabyle language, and Alger in the French language is one of the cities of the country of Algeria. The city has the status of being both the capital of the country, as well as being the largest city in Algeria. Among all the cities of the Maghreb, Algeri is the city which ranks second with respect to size. It only comes after the city of Casablanca. According to figures collected in the year 2005, the city proper was home to more than one million five hundred and nineteen thousand people, and the urban area was home to more than two million one hundred and thirty five thousand people. The population of the metropolitan are was more than three million five hundred and eighteen thousand, and that of the whole of the Algiers Province was more than five million seven hundred and twenty three thousand people. The Greater Algiers urban area is one of the largest urban areas of the region of North Africa.

One of the nicknames given to the city of Algeri is El Bahdja, or Algiers the White, which when translated into French is Alger la Blanche. This name is given because of the buildings of the city which are glimmering white when one sees them from the sea. The city is positioned on the west of a bay in the Mediterranean Sea. The part of the city which is more modern is built near the sea shore and on level ground. The older part of the city, on the other hand, which is also the ancient city of the deys, is situated behind the modern town and is on a steep hill. There is a citadel or casbah which crowns the old city and it is at a height of four hundred feet above sea level.