Egypt also known officially as the Arab Republic of Egypt as well as Kemet in native Egyptian is located in the north of Africa. The country can be best described as a museum expanded over its entire area with thousands of monuments and historical masterpieces making the country distinct from the others. The famous pyramids and the legends of the Pharaohs have earned Egypt the reputation of one of the most significant contributors of the history of mankind. Another area of importance has been Egypt’s influence on the politics of North Africa and surrounding areas since the times of the Muslim Caliphs. The country has changed many rulers and has been the hot seat of many Kingdoms and civilizations. With the capital city of Cairo since the downfall of the old city of Fustat and the most populous metropolitan area of Africa, Egypt has played a vital role in the geo politics as well economics of the area.

The country is connected to the continent of Asia by the Sinai Peninsula which is situated in the northeastern part of the country and forms a bridge between the continents of Africa and Asia. The total area covered by the country is about 1,001,450 square kilometers or 386,660 sq miles and it shares its borders with the neighboring Arab countries of Libya in the west and Sudan in the south of the state. The country is also close to the bone of contention between Israel and Palestine, The Gaza Strip in the east. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the north while the Red Sea lies in the eastern coast of Egypt.

Total population of the country is about 80,335,036 of which 80,335,036 are residing in the only fertile area of the country close to the River Nile.

The country comprises of barren desert areas of the Sahara Desert which are mostly vacant with hardly any signs of human life.