Cairo is known as Al-Qahirah in Arabic and is translated in English as The Vanquisher or The Triumphant. It is the capital city of the country of Egypt as well as the largest city. The city is acknowledged as the most populous city in the entire of Africa. It is also called as Masr and the natives are known as Masraweya. The city was founded in ancient times by the caliphs of the Fatimid Caliphate as a s royal enclosure and was the seat of government in those days. The city then passed on as the capital of many more Caliphates including the Mamluks and later went on to the French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte for a limited period of time. The city was made an independent capital by Mohammad Ali from 1805 to 1882 and then the British Rulers took over and ruled till the independence of Egypt in the year 1952.

The total population of the present day city of Cairo is about 7.7 million and the metropolitan area has about 17.285 million residents. The area ranks on number 16 amongst the most populated metropolitan areas of the world and is also the most populated metropolitan area in the entire of Africa. The total area enclosed by the city of Cairo is about 214 km² or 82.6 sq miles while the metropolitan area expands on about 5,360 km² or 2,069.5 sq miles. The city was discovered in the year 969 AD and has had a fair share to play in the historical events of Egypt since then. Being an abode of the Royals since the beginning Cairo has enjoyed the limelight for centuries and represents a culture with many influences thus making it one of the most sought out places in the industry of tourism and trade.

The city has many historical monuments as well as a distinct night life with cafes and restaurants that are both exclusive and exquisite.