The city of Antananarivo is one of the cities of the country of Madagascar. It has the status of being both the capital pf the country as well as being the largest city with respect to land area. Another name which is used instead of Antananarivo is Tananarive. Besides that the name Tana is also used, which is in the form of colonial shorthand.

The capital of the Analamanga region is the Antananarivo Renivohitra, or the Antananarivo Capital. This area is an urban area of a larger size and surrounds the city. The Antananarivo Capital is also the capital of the independent province of Antananarivo.

The city of Antananarivo is situated at a distance of one hundred and forty five kilometers from the eastern coast, and is positioned in the middle of the island. Because of the way in which and the place where the city was built, that is on the slopes and the summit of a ridge which is rocky, long and narrow, the city of Antananarivo has a very commanding position. This ridge has a length of around two miles on the southern and northern side, and the elevation of the ridge is of fix hundred and sixty feet above the rice plain situated in the west. The altitude of the town is four thousand one hundred and eighty three feet above sea level. The city of Antananarivo is also the hub of economy, communications, and admistration of the country. The distance between Antananarivo and the port of Toamasina is around two hundred and fifteen kilometers, and it is situated due west south west of the port.

There are two forts which guard the city of Antananarivo, and these are built on hills in the south west and the east of the city. There are around fifty churches in Antananarivo, and these include a Roman Catholic cathedral, and an Anglican cathedral.