The country of Morocco, which is known as Al-Maghrib in the Arabic language, is one of the countries of the region of North Africa. The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is home to more than thirty three million seven hundred and fifty seven thousand people. The coast of Morocco lies on the Atlantic Ocean, which reaches into the Mediterranean Sea after it passes the Strait of Gibraltar. The country shares an international border with Algeria, as well as with Spain and Mauritania in the east, north, and south respectively. The border with Spain consists of two land borders with Melilla and Ceuta, which are small independent Spanish cities, and the water border is situated along the Strait of Gibraltar.

Out of all the countries which are a part of the continent of Africa, Morocco is the only one which is not a member of the African Union at present. But it is a member of several organizations, including the Francophonie, the Arab League, the Mediterranean Dialogue Group, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Group of 77, and the Arab Maghreb Union. Besides that Morocco also claims to be an important ally of the United States even though it is not a member of NATO

The capital city of the country of Morocco is Rabat, and the main port is the city of Casablanca, which also has the status of being the largest city of Morocco. The climate of the country can be classified as being a Mediterranean, and in the interior region where the mountains are situated the temperature is more extreme. The terrain of the coastal region is rich and the land is perfect for agriculture. Out of the total land area, around twelve percent of it is covered with forests. Eighteen percent of the land is arable, and five percent of it is irrigated.