The city of Casablanca is one of the cities of the western part of Morocco, and is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Casablanca is a Spanish word, and Casa means house, while blanca means white. When combining these two translated words, Casablanca translates into the English language as white house. In the Amazigh language, Casablanca is known as Anfa, and in Moroccan Arabic, the city is known as dar beida. Casablanca has the status of being the capital of the region which is known as the Greater Casablanca region.

The city is home to more than three million people. And according to figures collected in the year 2005, the Greater Casablanca region was home to around four million people. But the residents of the region say that there are around six million people living there, which is an unofficial figure. Casablanca is both the main port of the country of Morocco as well as the country’s largest city. Besides being ranked first in Morocco with respect to size, it also ranks first among all the cities in Maghreb with respect to size, and ranks sixth among all the cities of the continent of Africa, with respect to size. Even though the political capital of Morocco is Rabat, Casablanca is known as the economical capital of the country since the major part of the revenue for the country is generated from the city. The city dominates the service sector as well as the industrial sector. The Royal Moroccan Navy has an important naval base in the city as well.

The main driving force of the development of the economy of Morocco is the region of Greater Casablanca. Around fifty six percent of the total industrial labor of the country and around thirty two percent of the total production units of the country are attracted by the Greater Casablanca region.