Tunisia which is officially the Tunisian Republic as well as Tunis in Arabic is a North African country located in the Mediterranean Coast. The country’s largest city is called Tunis and the official language of the state is called Arabic. The country is bordered by the countries of Algeria and Libya in the west and the south east respectively. The country is situated in the north most part of the continent and is acknowledged as the smallest country in that area which is basically called the Atlas mountain range. The total area on which Tunisia spreads is approximately 163,610 km² or 63,170 sq miles of which 5 % is water and about 4% is the desert area of the largest desert of the world The Sahara Desert. The rest of Tunisia comprises of fertile lands and the total area of the Coastline of the country is about 1300 kilometers. The country has been a part and parcel of the history and politics of the region and was considered a vital part of the Roman Empire nicknamed as the bread basket of the Roman Empire.

The present day Republic of Tunisia has about 10,102,000 residents with a population density estimated to be about 62/km². The rule of law in the country is that of a Presidential form of government. President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been the President of the Republic of Tunisia since the year 1987 after he defeated Habib Bourguiba in a coup.

Tunisia is a blend of many civilizations and is one of the only 3 Muslim countries along with Azerbaijan and Turkey that prohibit women from wearing hijab in government institutions. The country is filled with museums, cultural institutions, cathedrals and other architectural landmarks and celebrates many festivities throughout the year. Tunisia is a small republic that gives adequate importance to its privacy.