New Dehli

The city of New Delhi is one of the cities of the Republic of India. It has the status of being the capital of the country as well as being the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and the seat of the Government of India. The city of New Delhi covers an area of around forty eight square kilometers and is situated inside the metropolitan area of Delhi. New Delhi was planned by a leading British architect of the twentieth century, Edwin Lutyens, and is very well known for the boulevards which are lined with trees and are very wide, and being home to a number of national institutions and landmarks.

Until the year 1911, it was the city of Calcutta which was the capital of the country in the time of the British Raj. But since New Delhi was a major financial and political hub of a number of empires of both the medieval and ancient India, especially the Mughal empire, the British administration was given a proposal to make New Delhi the capital of the Indian Empire instead of Calcutta. This proposal was submitted in the early part of the 1900s. Because of the fact that New Delhi was located in the northern part of India, as opposed to Calcutta which was situated in the eastern coast of the country, the Government of British India thought that the administration of the country would be much easier from New Delhi as compared to administrating it from Calcutta. The Emperor of India, George V, then announced the decision of changing the capital of the Raj to New Delhi instead of Calcutta.

The most popular sport of New Delhi is cricket, and the same is the case in the whole of India. There are a number of cricket grounds located in various places throughout the city, and these include the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium.