Tokyo is the capital city of the constitutional monarchy of Japan as well as one of its 47 prefectures. The city is situated towards the east of one of the largest islands of Japan by the name of Honshū. Being the de facto capital of the country Tokyo is the house of the Japanese Parliament as well as the Imperial Palace and thus the center of politics and power of the country. It is known for provision of many characteristics of municipal service as laid down the constitution of the country and thus holds a special place amongst the prefectures. Tokyo means the eastern capital in the Japanese language. The main city of Tokyo comprises of twenty three wards which are all individually cities but unite under the banner of the city of Tokyo. The total population of this city is over 8 million and it is acknowledged amongst the largest cities of the world. The population of the prefecture of Tokyo is calculated to be more than 12 million. The largest metropolitan area of the world called the Greater Tokyo Area comprises of Tokyo as well as Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba with a total population of more than 35 million. The Greater Tokyo Area is world’s largest urban settlement since the year 1965. The mega city of Tokyo also has the highest GDP for any city and is an important market which influences global economics.

Tokyo is used interchangeably for the Prefecture, Greater Tokyo Area as well as the Main urban settlement. The total area encompassed by the city is about 2,187.08 km² and it ranks number 45 amongst all the cities of the world in terms of area. There is one district and 62 municipalities included in the city of Tokyo according to distribution of land in governance in Japan. Formerly known as Edo it became Tokyo in the year 1868.