Bangkok which is referred to in the native tongue as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or Krung Thep is the capital city of the state of Thailand. The city is also acknowledged as the largest urban dwelling of the country. The city was initially established as a small trading post and was not given any heed in the successive Kingdoms including the Ayutthaya Kingdom during which it was created. The city was given the status of the capital city of Thailand in the late half of the 18th century after Ayuthaya was burned down and destroyed. It was attacked and burned down by the Burmese and then once again the capital was moved in the beginning of the Rattanakosin Kingdom in the year 1728. The current Kingdom of Thailand is the Rattanakosin Kingdom with its capital called the Phra Nakorn while Bangkok is the urban area which was built in the 18th century and has its own system of administration. Bangkok has progressed within the past 2 centuries and become the hub of activity of not only Thailand but the entire of Southeast Asia. The country influences world’s economy, politics, fashion, transportation, entertainment, art, media as well as several other domains. The culture of the land is an amalgam of many cultures namely Indian, Chinese, Thai, Buddhist, Muslim as well as with influences from the West.

The city is known for a regular insurgence of tourists for leisure as well as business as Thailand’s environment strongly supports both. It is acknowledged as the world’s top most tourist’s destination.

Bangkok ranks on number twenty two amongst all the cities of the world in terms of population with approximately 8,160,522 residents. The city expands on a total area of 1,568.737 km² or 605.7 sq miles. The estimated population of the metropolitan area called the Greater Bangkok is estimated to be almost 15 Million.