Best travel agencies in Italy for foreign tourists

Italy is a country particularly loved by tourists from all over the world. Aware of this, even if perhaps not wholly, tour operators offer foreign travelers a large number of solutions to reach the “Stivale”.

There are many airports scattered throughout the country (of course, it is not possible to say that there is one for each city of tourism, but it is also true that where the service should be missing there are always valid means of connection between the city you want to visit and the one you landed in), but not less important are the rail and naval connections.

For this reason, reaching Italy is often a sort of journey in the journey: flying over Mount Etna or Vesuvius, along with the Amalfi coast, traveling by train all the northern villages close to the Alps and so on, is already in itself a unique experience.

Travel agencies for foreign tourists

It is therefore clear that in a country with these characteristics and with the most magnificent artistic heritage in the world there are many travel agencies dedicated to foreign tourists.

For this reason, it is not possible to list them all here but to refer only to a small part of them. So just quoting some of them, we can only suggest Nancy Aiello Italy ToursQuality Group and Caesar Tour.

What does a travel agency offer for foreigners?

First of all full assistance to its customers. Each agency will worry not only about booking the tickets, identifying possible connections to the airports, choosing a hotel that stands in a good position and giving tourists a rough indication of what to go and visit.

Keep in mind that, concerning the country of origin of visitors, they may need to obtain certain documents for travel in the country (e.g. tourist visa). Also, it is possible to ask the agencies to take an interest in obtaining Schengen or consular visas, travel policies and some special insurance packages.