Foundations and the real estate market

Pirelli Foundation has the main goal to spread the knowledge between individuals. The Pirelli Foundation has been officially established more than 4 years ago to fulfil the wishes of Pirelli & C. SpA, Pirelli RE and the Pirelli family itself.

The foundation, which is presided by Marco Tronchetti Provera, hosts a nice catalogue of what have been done and what have been constitued in the history of this company. The company itself, which is in the industrial sector both in Italy and worldwide from more than 140 years, has given great contributes to italian development both from an economic and a social point of view.

Pirelli collaborates with 14 universities all around the world with the goal to promote humanistic and scientific research. Among other partnership, the one with Princeton University in the humanistic field allow the italian company to bring Italian culture abroad and give it the opportunity to increase is visibility outside of Italy.

Since 2002 in real estate market Pirelli has a dedicated brand: Pirelli RE, today known as Prelios. August 2013 has been a great month for the company thanks to a successfully process of financial strengthening with recapitalization for an amount of €185,000,000. Through independent operating companies, Prelios offer a platform of real estate and financial services.

Prelios is active in the real estate fund management through its subsidiary Prelios SGR, in project and facility management through Prelios Integra, in real estate valuations through Prelios Valuations, in real estate intermediation through Prelios Agency and in the managing of non-performing credits through Prelios Credit Servicing. Other than in Italy, the Group is active also in Germany where it is highly specialized in residential and commercial sectors.