New Marketing Strategies


Marketing is a line of business that is constantly changing, especially because of the need to adjust to technological developments. Even larger brands have trouble keeping track with it. This means that marketers have to rethink their strategies on a regular basis. Here is a list of some of the best tactics for 2016.

Relationship marketing

One of the most prominent marketing strategies for 2016 focuses on building a long-term relationship with the customers. During the last couple of decades, most brands have settled for a business model that generates profit through individual sales, and doesn’t take into account the possibility of customers coming back. Many have thought that this is the way things are going to be since we have entered the era of capitalism, but marketers have come to the conclusion that it might be more profitable for companies to focus on getting people to come back for more of their products or services. One of the companies that have been adjusting to the new model is the largest Italian tyre manufacturer. Pirelli developed a news page which will serve as a way to engage their customers in their line of work.

Marketing automation

Like many other things in today’s world, marketing is becoming increasingly automated. Advertising via social media platforms is now among the most used tactics, which is no wonder considering how many people are using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. And since platforms have developed to include marketing tools in their offer, they can be used as a way to advertise products and services on a regular basis. Apart from that, there are plenty of tools that can help you automate advertising by scheduling email and blog post publishing, which in turn gives a more stable result when it comes to attracting customers.

Location-based marketing technology

Marketing has expanded to include location-based advertising. This can be thanked to the development of transmitters that can use Bluetooth to detect and connect to nearby devices, offering products and services that might be of interest to people using them. Although it is a fairly new way of advertising, this tactic has already proven to be efficient.