The 5 most important Italian Brands in the World

Italy has many brands known in the world, famous thanks to the high quality of their products. Here are the 5 most important.

Ferrari, deals with the auto industry in Italy and is best known for its advanced technology, research and high performance. Ferrari has been the leading brand in racing in the world. Cars are efficient and require great auto tyres, unique and built by expert engineers and with the best designs. Ferrari has produced great high performance sporting cars.

Gucci is an Italian brand known for showcasing Italy’s’ craftsmanship, heritage and fashion trends. Italy’s style has taken a center stage because it is elegant, sophisticated and desirable. Gucci took many generations to be established; it brings out Italy’s cultural approach and has a genuine mission that has made it a luxurious brand that is highly desirable in the world. It produces 100% leather goods, shoes, quality women, men and kids clothing. They also produce high quality and highly recognized jewelry and perfumes bought all over the world.

Prada is an Italian brand that deals with men, women and kids fashion. It offers men’s clothing, shoes, ties, bags and briefcases, wallets, sunglasses, swimwear, belts, watches and men jewelry. Prada has the latest fashion trends for women clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, home décor and women jewelry.

Pirelli is an Italian leading brand of auto tires in the world. They produce quality tyres for different types of vehicles: cars, trucks, SUV’s and many more. These auto tyres are both of high quality and high performance. Tyres are preferred by most because of high mileage, improved wet and dry braking system and withstand wear.

Nutella is an Italian spread made from a mixture of hazelnuts, cocoa butter and vegetable oils manufactured by a company called Ferrero, one of the favorite chocolate spread in the world. It has spread to over 75 countries and is the leading spread in Europe. Nutella is so well known that is a very sold brand even in Australian supermarkets.