The official name of Austria, which is called Osterreich in German, is the Republic of Austria. The official name when translated in German is Republik Osterreich. The country is located in the center of Europe and is surrounded by land from all sides. On its north it has the Czech Republic and Germany, on its east it has Hungary and Slovakia, on its south it has Italy and Slovenia, and on its west it has Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Vienna is the capital of Austria and is situated on the Danube River. Austria covers and area of around eight four thousand square kilometers and is home to 8316487 people.

It is believed that Austria was originated in the ninth century. And it was in these times that that the population of Lower and Upper Austria started to increase rapidly. The name Ostrarrichi, which was later developed into Osterreich, was first used in any kind of official document from the year 996.

Since Austria is a federal republic, it has nine states. These nine states are further divided into cities and districts. The districts are also then further divided into municipalities. The states have a certain amount of separate legislative authority which is independent from the federal government, and they are not just there for administrative purposes.

Because of the fact that Austria is located in the Alps, the terrain is mostly mountainous. Some of the Alps which are partly in Austria are the Northern Limestone Alps, the Central Eastern Alps, and the Southern Limestone Alps. Only a quarter of the total eight four thousand square kilometers of Austria ahs terrain that is low lying. Thirty two percent of the land has an altitude of less than five hundred square meters.

Most of Austria is affected by westerly humid winds which give it a cool temperature. Because of its location in the Alps, it is the temperature of the Alps which is dominant.