Croatia also called as Republika Hrvatska in the native Croatian is a country that is included in the dominions of central Europe. The city lies where the Balkans and Mediterranean cross and the capital city of the region is Zagreb. Hungary and Slovenia are neighbors of Croatia to the north. To the East of Croatia lie Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Adriatic Sea borders the West.

It is a member of several international organizations including the Council of Europe, United Nations and is foreseen to become a part of the European Union and NATO in the coming years. The education structure is well planned and begins at the age of 6. There are many universities in the country namely University of Osijek, University of Zagreb, University of Zadar, University of Rijeka and University of Pula Croatia has a wide network of railway tracks and because of territorial conflicts some part is not accessible and Slovenia has to be crossed in between. There are also airports located in the primary cities such as the capital city of Zagreb as well as other like Rijeka Dubrovnik and Pula.

The country also has a network of boats that traverse throughout the lakes and rivers. These are the link between the Croatian Islands and the mainland and are also shared by Italy.

The culture of Croatia is rich and is an amalgam of European Roman schools of thought. The city contains six of the rare monuments on UNESCO’s World heritage list as well the large national parks which are another asset of Croatia. The Amphitheatre in the country which is located in Pula dates back to the 13th century and is part of the Croatian Heritage.

Many famous artists have performed in the walls of this arena and the building is of distinct Roman design.