Czech Republic

The Czech Republic also called Czech is a country belonging to the region of the center of Europe and is now a member of the European Union. The country borders with Poland towards North and Germany towards the Southwestern and Northwestern sides. To the South of Czech Republic lies Austria and on the east it borders with Slovakia. The capital city of this European state is Prague also called as Praha in native Czech. The capital city is a famous tourist destination and the country has many sites and monuments that maintain tourist insurgence. The famous sites are the regions of Bohemia and Moravia which along with the areas of Silesia are historic.

The Czech lands have a history of prolonged political conflict and turmoil and up until the early 16th century were part of the Habsburg rule. The area was then included in the Austria-Hungary republic and be from 1526, later being conquered by Germany under the Munich agreement. Czech Republic became a communist state after a major coup in the middle of the twentieth century and was defeated by the armies of the Warsaw Pact countries. This invasion continued till 1989’s velvet revolution. The country became independent in 1993 and was divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is being run under the parliamentary from of government and is a democracy now. The country is a member of the Comecon and not just that it is the first of the member states to gain the title of being a developed country in a report submitted by the World Bank.

The economy of the Czech Republic is strong with a GDP per capita being 82% compared to the European Union average. It is one of the few post communist states that has prospered and has a growth rate of 6%.