Cannes is a city which is located in the east of France and in the southern part of Europe. It is the point where Italy, Monaco, the Alps, and Provence meet. Cannes is a part of the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur in the Alpes-Maritime diction of France. The city covers and area of around twenty square kilometers and is home to 70400 people.

Cannes is known all over the world for its cars, glamorous hotels, beaches, and tourists. The city is situated on the French Riviera and is a very busy tourist location with celebrities and frequent visitors flying back and forth as it hosts a number of major events which includes the Cannes Film Festival held every year. The old town of Le Sequet is also a fantastic location with its breath taking scenery.

The climate in Cannes can be classified as being Mediterranean. The sin shines for almost twelve hours every day in the summer season which lasts from May to September. The summer season is hot and long. The daily temperatures go up to forty degrees centigrade quite often. The average temperature is around twenty five degrees centigrade. The winters, lasting from December to February, on the other hand are very mild. The temperature goes below ten degrees centigrade only in the months between December and February. In both seasons the level of rainfall is very low. The only time when there is a significant amount of rain (an average of one hundred and ten millimeters) is during the months of October and November.

One of the major sights of Cannes is the La Croisette. This is an avenue located on the waterfront lined with beautiful palm trees that form a kind of walkway. This location is famous for its scenic and beautiful beaches and there are a lot of resorts, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques which can be found here. La Croisette can be seen from the old town of La Sequet.