Lourdes which is also known as Lorda by the Octians is a commune in the south west of France. This small town lays in the foot of the Pyrenean hills and is situated in the direction of south west from Hautes-Pyrenees. Initially it was an extremely small inhabitation with very few people and was then established as a small market which was mostly a tiny spot for businessmen rather than a properly developed town. This market was very famous in olden days and the Lourdes of those days had many visitors. The most striking feature of the small market town was the centrally placed castle that rose high and is said to have been the site of apparition of Lady of Lourdes to Bernadette Soubirous. This belief dates back to the middle of the 19th century somewhere around the year 1958. The Christian pilgrims were the root of development of this town over centuries and were the major tourist force that provided money to the natives as well as indulged in trade. The year of 2008 would mark 150 years of the apparitions and thus of Christian Pilgrimage into Lourdes.

The Lourdes of today is much more than a tiny town and the population as estimated has reached up to fifteen thousand people. The total number of pilgrims visiting today with all sorts of transport facilities available is more than fifty hundred thousand and there are no specific seasons. The insurgence continues throughout the year and thus has boomed the hospitality industry of the town and it seconds Paris as having the largest number of hotel chains in France.

The total number of hotel reaches up to two hundred and seventy and includes from 5 to 4 stars as well as numerous small rest and guest houses. The people of Lourdes are mostly indulged in this business and it forms a great part of the revenue generated from the town.