Monte Carlo also called by the Octians as Monégasque or Montcarles and also as Monte-Carlu is famous world wide for the Casino. The state is one of the richest regions of the planet earth. The state of Monte Carlo is an independent state and the second largest such state in all of Europe. The region is the abode of many gambling arenas.

On an average the number of inhabitants of Monte Carlo is approximately three thousand and the total area covered by Monte Carlo is 0.76 square miles.

The geographical location of the city can be described as being an amalgam of natural beauty as well as the wonders of human race.

The state lies between the Mediterranean Sea on one side and mountainous terrain of the Alps on the other hand. This Mediterranean beauty has an ideal temperature with mostly sunny weather and the average temperature seldom goes below 50 degree Fahrenheit.

The city lies in the district of Monaco and is frequently mistaken to be a capital of Monaco which is not true. Monte Carlo quarter includes the main Monte Carlo which houses the Casinos as well as the small yet beautiful neighborhoods of where the casino is located, but also the neighborhoods of Saint Roman, Saint

Michel. The community that inhabits the beach called Larvotto is also included in the state. On one side of the state lies the border of Haut-Monte-Carlo which is a French town now called as Beausoleil.

Monte Carlo was established in the late 19th century in the year 1866 and the name belongs to the Italian language and refers to a Prince of those times called Charles III of Monaco and is thus called Mount Charles.

The town is built on an escarpment of the foot of Alps.

Apart from Casinos it is also famous for hosting Formula One Monaco Grand Prix every year.