Nice, which is called Nizza in Italian, is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. It is positioned in the middle of Genoa (Italy), and Marseille (France). It covers an area of around seventy two square kilometers and is home to 1197751 people in its metropolitan area. Nice is a major resort and tourist location lying on the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera). It also forms the historical capital of the County of Nice.

The climate in Nice is classified as being a Mediterranean climate. The temperature is mild though out most of the year, with moderate rainfall which occurs in the months between September and March (which are the darkest months of the year). The winter season starts in the month of December. The temperature is either mild or cool and the daily temperature ranges between ten degrees centigrade and seventeen degrees centigrade. But the temperature rarely falls to freezing point (happens only one or two times every year). The skies in winter are overcast and there is irregular rainfall.

Nice has numerous hotels and museums, and it has the status of being France’s first port cement manufacturer. It is only second to Paris with respect to popularity among tourists. Around ten million passengers come to the airport in Nice every year, which makes it second in rank among the busiest airports in France.

One of the major tourist locations in Nice is the Walk of the English (called the Promenade des Anglais in French) which is located along the Mediterranean. When Nice was not so developed as it is in the present time, the coast was bordered by nothing except a beach with big stones. The original dwelling places were built on a higher location at some distance from the sea.

Nice ranks fifth with respect to population having a population of 347900 people (according to 2005 figures). There was an increase in population in the nineteenth century as a result of Italian immigration.