St. Moritz


The city lies in the Garison canton of Switzerland and belongs to the District of Maloja. The total area of the region is 28.69 km² and the population of St. Moritz is approximately 5,121. Sankt Moritz is what the German refer to is as and it is called San Murezzan in the Romansh. The city is a resort located in the Valley of Engadine and is the most famous tourist destination in winters. The resort city of St. Moritz is one of the oldest winter spots and is famous world wide. The location of the region ensures warm climate all year round and that is the reason for its popularity. The sun shines on St. Moritz 300 days a year. The city is the host of the annual winter event called White Turf horse race. This is carried out on the Lake St. Moritz which is frozen in winters. The official languages of the region are two namely German and Romansh. The most popular events that take place in the region are hiking and skiing and the most famous course is the Cresta Run toboggan. The total population is not more than over five thousand with not many nationals.

St. Moritz is the city that has hosted winter Olympics in the year 1928 and 1948 and has also been the host city of the Alpine Skiing World Championships three times.

The tourism and hospitality industry of the region has flourished leaps and bounds and is run by more than 3000 non national employees. The town is not only famous for winter sports but also for the breath taking view from Corvatsch.

There are also many areas for viewing the landscape of the glaciers. One of them is called the Diavolezza and another Morteratsch Glacier. The famous ice cave in Piz Corvatsch is also very famous amongst tourists.