The city of Cologne, which is called Koln in German and Kolle in the local dialect is one of the largest cities of Germany and comes after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. But in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is a German Federal State, and inside the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, it is the largest city. The Rhine-Ruhr ranks among the most important European metropolitan areas and is home to more than ten million people. Cologne was found in the year 38 B.C by the Romans, so it is a very ancient city as well. It was officially declared to be a Roman city in the yeah 50 A.D.

Cologne is positioned on the River Rhine. The Kolner Dom, which is the Cologne Cathedral, is famous all over the world and is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cologne’s seat. One of the oldest universities of Europe, the Universitat zu Koln, or the University of Cologne, is situated here.

The arts scene is very active in Cologne, and it is also a very important cultural hub of the Rhineland. There are more than thirty museums in the city as well as galleried ranging in the hundreds. The exhibitions are held on subjects such as modern sculpture and graphics as well as ancient Roman archeological sites. Numerous trade shows are held in the Trade Fair Grounds of the city, including the Photo kina, the International Furniture Fair, and the Art Cologne Fair. The Cologne Carnival and the Christopher Street Day, which is a LGBT festival, are also held in Cologne and it is known all over the world for these celebrations.

Besides all of that, the city is also a major media center. There are a number of different television and radio stations which are situated here, such as VOX, which is a television channel, RTL, and Westdeutscher Rundfunk.