The largest city of the state of Hesse (one of the sixteen states of Germany) is the city of Frankfurt. It also has the status of being ranked fifth among all the cities of Germany with respect to size. Frankfurt covers and area of around ninety six square miles and is home to 667598 people. In the year 2001 the population of the urban area was 2.26 million. The city is located in the middle of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Area. This area is home to 5.3 million people and is ranked second among all the other metropolitan areas of Germany.

The city of Frankfurt has the status of being the hub of transportation and finance of Germany as well as of continental Europe. It is second only to Paris. The European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Trade Fair, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the German Federal Bank are all located here. The airport in the city, known as the Frankfurt International Airport is one of the busiest airports of the world. The biggest terminal stations of Europe- the Frankfurt Central Station, and the interchange of Europe which is used a great deal- the Frankfurter Kreuz, are both situated in Frankfurt as well. There are ten cities in the world which are called Alpha world cities, and Frankfurt is one of them.

The major sectors of the economy of Frankfurt are transport, finance, and trade fairs. The city is the financial hub of Germany and has been so for centuries. There are numerous brokerages and banks which are situated here, the most important and largest being the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The European Central Bank, which is responsible for setting the monetary policy of the Eurozone economy and the German Federal Bank, , has its seat in Frankfurt. The head offices of all the major German banks are also located here, along with more than three hundred international and national banks.