Hamburg is one of the large cities of the country Germany and lays along side the port. This city is famous for the Hamburg Harbor which is number two in the ranking of the large ports of Europe the first being Rotterdam and number nine in the ranking of the large ports of the world. The city of Hamburg stretches out on an area of 755 km² and is the most populated city in the entire of Europe which is not a capital. The city has a population of 6.3 million with more than 90% of the population residing in the Metropolitan Area. It is also called as Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg which can be translated in English to Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. This name is a referral to the Hanseatic League of which Hamburg was a member in medieval times. Hamburg is not just a city but is also a Federal State.

The location of Hamburg is at the edge of the Peninsula of Jutland and is surrounded by both land and water.

North of the city lies Scandinavia; in the south lies Continental Europe while the two seas called North Sea and Baltic Sea lie to the West and East respectively. The city lies midway between the two rivers of Elbe and Alster and the center of the city is situated in approximation to the lakes of Outer Alster and Inner Alster.

Hamburg not only comprises of a mainland city but also includes a few islands in the surrounding region of the North Sea. The city of Hamburg is not only an economic but also the cultural hub of activity in the north of Germany.

An interesting fact about the natives is that they are called Hamburgers; a word which is also used for American sandwich. The city contains numerous famous buildings, church as well bridges that date back to olden times.