The city of Munich is called Minga in Austro-Bavarian. It forms the capital of Bavaria which is one of the sixteen states of Germany. In Bavaria, there are in fact three different areas which are known by the same name; Munchen. One of the three areas is called Munich which is located due north of the Bavarian Alps and on the River Isar. The other two are situated due north of Passau and due north east of Nuremburg.

Munich has the status of being ranked third with respect to size among all the other cities of Germany. It comes after Berlin and Hamburg. The city covers an area of around one hundred and twenty square miles and is home to 1.35 million people in the city and six million people in the Munich Metropolitan Region.

The motto of the city was “the cosmopolitan city with heart”, which is “Die Weltstadt mit Herz” when said in German. This lasted between the years 1972 and 2005. it was then changed to “Munich loves/likes you”, which is “Munchen mag dich” when said in German.

The climate of Munich is classified as being a continental climate. It is affected to a major extent by the Alps which are situated close by. The level of precipitation is very high as well due to the same reason; the closeness to the northern part of the Alps and the elevation at which the city is situated on. The city is prone to rain storms which frequently arrive without warming and are violent. The temperatures in both winters and summers can go to their extremes and a downwind from the Alps can completely change the temperatures no matter what season it is, and this happens within the span of a few hours. The winter season goes from December to March and the summer season goes from May to September.