One of the most historical pieces of land Greece is the Hermoupolis port located in the Island of Syros. The capital city of the region is Cyclades. The total population of the region has been recorded as 10,964,020.

More than half of the population of Greece dwells in urban areas with Athens, Volos, Patras, Piraeus, Larissa and Thessaloniki being the large municipalities.

Greek is the native as well as the official language spoken throughout Greece however a few other languages also prevail. There are also many religious entities that are well established in Greece including Stavronikita monastery, Mousoulmanikí, Judaism, Hellenic Neopaganism and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The country of Greece is most likely one of the oldest human civilizations that have survived till date. The myths of old Greece and the Gods are millennia old and the country does not depict a mere history of a hundred years. The country is enthralling to historians and excavations throughout the land are still being under taken as vigorously as they were thousands of years ago.

With all that Greece has to offer it is impossible to contain the culture and assign it to a particular age or era of man. The Olympia Archeological Museum offers a small window to the never ending partially explored passage of the old Greece.

Greece has been part of many Kingdoms and has seen many rulers and religions. The Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations, Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire have crafted the history, art and culture of the region. Also a major contributor into a final touch was the Greek war of independence which re designed the outlook of the country. The country is a classic example of culture being above all and is an amalgam of the various schools of thought that had and continue to prevail in the country.