Rhodes is one of the Greek islands and is one of the largest islands belonging to the Dodecanese region. The islands are large not only in terms of area but are also densely populated of the Dodecanese islands. The island lies in the Aegean Sea and is at a distance of 18 kilometers from the republic of Turkey westwards. They are also placed geographically in between the Greek mainland and the Cyprus islands. The total population of the island is 117,007.

Amongst historians the popularity of Rhodes is because of it having one of the Seven Wonders of the World called the Colossus of Rhodes. Not only this single monument but the entire city is of historic significance. The medieval part of the town is included on the list on the World Heritage Site.

The island has been called many names in different languages such as Rodi in Italian, Rodos in Turkish and Rodes in Ladino. The bronze statue of the Colossus of Rhodes stood on the grounds of Rhodes from the time of completion in 280 BC to being destroyed by an earthquake.

The transport and aviation industry of the present day Rhodes is fantastic with many air and land routes that are run to discover the land and also to go to the adjacent parts of Greece. With the many beautiful and ancient places to see Rhodes has an immense number of visitors each year. Some sites such as the Archeological Museum, Governor’s Palace, Acropolis of Lindos, ancient Ialysos, Rhodes Old Town, Palace of the Grand Master, Kahal Shalom Synagogue, St. Catherine Hospice, ruins of the castle of Monolithos, Temple of Apollo and Acropolis of Rhodes are a must see for all tourists and enhance the ambience of the islands. Much of the islands revenue is tourism and agriculture dependant.