Ireland, which is called Eire in Irish and Airlann in Ulster Scots, is an island in Europe and has the status of being the largest among all the other islands in Europe with respect to size. In the world it ranks twentieth among all the other islands with respect to size. A big number of inlets and other islands surround Ireland which is due north west of continental Europe. The island of Great Britain is situated due east of Ireland and both of these islands are separated by the Irish Sea. When taking the political situation into consideration, the Republic of Ireland itself is spread over five-sixth of the island. The remaining part in the north east is covered by Northern Ireland; which is a part of the United Kingdom. Ireland covers an area of around 84412 square kilometers and is home more than six million people. Of the total population 1.75 million reside in Northern Ireland and 4.34 million reside in the Republic of Ireland. In the 1960s the population of Ireland was at an all time low, but in the nineteenth century there were around eight million people living here, which changed when the Irish potato famine hit Ireland.

The origin of the name Ireland is the name Eriu which is called Eire in Irish. The word land of the language Germanic was subsequently added to it. Another name given to Ireland is the Emerald Isle.

The low central plains of Ireland are surrounded by a circle of coastal mountains. Of these mountains the tallest one is the Carrauntoohil, which is called Corran Tuathail in Irish, and it is located in the County Kerry. The height of the mountain is 1038 meters. The longest river in Ireland is the River Shannon. This river has a length of two hundred and forty miles.