The city of Dublin is called the Baile Atha Cliath in Irish. This translates as the Town of the Hurdled Ford. Dublin has the status of being both the capital of Ireland as well as the largest city with respect to size. It is at the mouth of the River Liffey where Dublin is located at the exact center of the east coast of Ireland and of the Dublin Region. Dublin was originally found as a Viking settlement but has since then become the most important city of Ireland for the whole period starting from the medieval times. Dublin these days has become the hub of economy, culture, and administration for the island of Ireland. The Loughborough University has given it the title of being an emerging global city and it also has a very fast growing rate of population and is going head to head with certain other European capital cities. The city is home to around 505739 people in Dublin city, 1045769 people in the Dublin Urban Area, 1186821 people in the Dublin region, and 1661185 people in the Greater Dublin Area.

The origin of the name Dublin is the Hiberno English derivative of the word Dubh Linn. This translates as black (dubh) and pool (linn). But certain sources state that the name Dublin has its origin in Scandinavian. The word Icelandic in Scandinavian means deep pond.

The night life of Dublin is very active. Dublin is a very youthful city and ranks among the top European cities with respect to the number of people who are below twenty five years of age. In Dublin this number is around fifty percent of the total population. The city also has the status of being the friendliest city in Europe. In every part of Ireland and also in Dublin, there are pubs in almost every street. The most popular pubs and night clubs of Dublin are situated in the area around St. Stephens’s Green.