Rimini, which is a part of the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, is the capital of the province of Rimini. It is positioned in the middle of the Marecchia River and the Ausa River near the coast on the Adriatic Sea. These rivers were called Ariminus and Aprusa in the ancient times. Because of its location, fishing and coast navigation form the major traditional industries industries of Rimini. Lying on the Adriatic Riviera, it is also thought to be the most popular seaside resort by the Italians. Rimini covers an area of around one hundred and thirty four square kilometers and is home to 138060 people.


There are six railway stations in the city:

  1. Rimini Viserba
  2. Rimini Miramare
  3. Rimini
  4. Rimini Torre Pedrera
  5. Rimini Fiera
  6. Rimini Rivazzurra

People can also travel by air using the Fedrico Fellini International Airport, which is the airport for both San Marino and Rimini.


As the sun sets and it starts to get dark, the sunbathers and beach goers of the day time put away their sun tan lotions and turn into the party animals of the evening. Since tourism is a major economical sector, and the city is bent on attracting more and more tourists, the nightlife of Rimini is thought to be very good and has become very popular. There are a large number of bars in the city and can be found almost anywhere with relative ease, especially on the beachside, where there are parties almost everyday which last until the first light of day. Some of the more famous bars on the beach are the Barge and the Coconut.

There are no clubs as such in Rimini, none which could actually be called clubs. There are only the usual bars which have added a dance floor. Some even have a music section playing salsa music, for example the Coconut. In order to go to a club that is “real”, you have to make a fifteen minutes drive to the neighboring town of Riccione. But there is one club which is situated on the borders of Rimini. It is called Carnaby’s. it is not at a major distance; people can even walk to it, but there still is a free shuttle bus that can be used.