The beautiful city of Venice also lies in the North of Italy in the same region as Padua and Verona. It is not only the capital city of the region of Veneto but is also the most popular tourist destination in the entire of Italy. The city is inhabited by approximately more than two hundred and fifty thousand people and has been called many names because of its distinct design. It is also part of the metropolitan area shared by Venice and Padua with a combine population of more than 1600,000. La Dominante, Venezia, Queen of Adriatic and City of Bridges are amongst its many names. The city is basically inhabited on a series of small islands altogether ten in number within the Adriatic Sea. The Venetian lagoon lies in the north east and lines the shores throughout the city. The lagoon initiates at River Po and ends at the Rivers of Piave. The population is divided on the basis of their place of residence as some live in the commune, some in the historic city, and some in the mainland while around thirty thousand people inhabit the islands.


In the middle ages the city of Venice was much more than a symbol of beauty. It was called then as the Venetian Republic and was a powerful Kingdom. Throughout the different eras it maintained its status as an icon of naval power. The city has been remmembered in the times of the Crusaders and the Battle of Lepanto. Not only was this the capital of beauty and military power, the trades of silk and spices along with the various forms of arts also flourished within the walls of the Venetian Republic. 4 centuries were most prominently documented as the prime time of Venice starting from the 13th until the 17th century.