Porto called Oporto in Portuguese is located in the North of República Portuguesa. The number of inhabitants of Porto is 238,465 making it number two in terms of population amongst the cities of Portugal preceded only by the capital. There are a total of fifteen Municipium in the city. There are a total of 2.99 million people alone in the Urban-Metropolitan Region. Porto is an economic success and has the maximum number of industries of Portugal. The most famous product of the city is named after it and called the Port wine. This product was exported by sea from Vila Nova de Gaia which is in the same conurbation as Porto. Porto is famous for the lively nights and the hospitable natives. Also known for the love of football many clubs are established all across Porto like the rest of Portugal. The city proper is also called Capital do Norte because of being the economic and cultural leader of the entire of North of the country. Ribeira which has made it to list on the World Heritage Site by UNESCO is located in the center of Porto.

Porto offers a number of sites and buildings to visitors including many theatres, libraries, art galleries, museums and concert halls. The most famous of the museums is the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis which is an ode to the Artistic Movement in Portugal. Invicta Filmes which was inaugurated in 1917 was the first movie studio of the country. Manoel de Oliveira, Rui Veloso, Pluto, Sérgio Godinho and Clã belong to the city of Porto and are the most renowned contributors of performing arts and philosophy.

Coliseu do Porto is the most elegant concert hall of the entire Porto and was erected by architect Cassiano Branco and is an excellent example of the