Russia which is also referred to as the Russian Federation is located over the two continents of Europe and Asia and thus is called a transcontinental country. It is republic headed by a president and comprises of 83 federal states. The country borders with the Norway, Kazakhstan, China, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Finland, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, and North Korea. Also known as Rossiyskaya Federatsiya in the Russian language the country lies close to the state of Alaska situated in the United States of America as well as Sweden across the Bering Strait .it is separated by Denmark, Japan and Turkey by small water patches of the Baltic Sea, La Pérouse Strait the Black Sea respectively. The country is acknowledged as the largest republic in the world with a total area of 17,075,400 square kilometers or 6,592,800 sq miles. Russia covers one eighth of the world’s area in terms of land and has a population of 142 million people. It is acknowledged to be on number nine amongst the most populated nations of the globe. The total area is distributed as 60% within the continent of Asia encompassing the entire northern region of it while 40% lies in the continent of Europe. The country falls on a total of 11 time zones as well as boasts a diversity of climate and landscape like none other. Russia also happens to be the largest source of natural resources especially mineral as well as the largest power house or energy producer of the globe. Because of its wide spread geography the country has the biggest forest reserves as well as a quarter of the world non frozen fresh water in its lakes. Russia has an intricate history that began with that of the East Slavs and continued through centuries. The Russian Federation was founded after the Soviet Union came to an end in towards the end of the 20th century and is till date considered as the legal representative of the former Soviet Union.