Moscow is the capital city of Russia as well as the largest city in terms of area not only in Russia but also in the entire of Europe; Russia being a transcontinental state. The city is known in Russian as Москва and has a strong significance in the geopolitics of the region since olden days. The history of the city goes back to many centuries and is strongly represented by the culture and architecture on the streets of Moscow. This city has been the power house of the politics of the former Soviet Union which was then the largest and most influential republics of the world. The present day metropolitan area of Moscow ranks on number one amongst the largest urban settlements of the planet. The city has been a pivot of not only Russia’s but also at one time the World’s economy, finance and education. The city was built on the Moskva River in 1147 and is the hub of Russia’s religion as well as politics. The major transportation networks of the country are mostly concentrated in and around the region of Moscow. The city lies in the European part of the country and lies in the Central Federal District. Previously it was the capital city of the USSR as well as the Imperial Russian state. The city also houses the President of the nation as it is the site of the Moscow Kremlin. The city boasts to be the home of the largest number of billionaires on the planet according to reports of the year 2007 as well as the title of the most expensive city of the globe. It is home to several academic marvels including many research centers and educational institutions. The city has the worlds most used metro system and is famous for the splendid gala of art and monuments that are the essence of Moscow.