Spain or Reino de España is a European country that is situated on the Peninsula of Iberian. The Spanish kingdom is mostly surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the directions of East and South and to the North of it lays France and the Bay of Biscay.

The system of government adapted by the Spaniards is of constitutional monarchy which has been re designed as a parliament. The country was accepted as a member of the European Union in 1866 and has been one ever since.

The country of Spain is flourishing and ranks on number eight in world’s largest economies. The EU ranking in terms of economy is fifth largest.

Spanish lands include many islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean including Balearic Island the Canary Islands respectively. Autonomous cities called as Ceuta and Melilla which are neighbors of Morocco and part of North Africa is also included in the Spanish Dominion. The total are inclusive of all possible islands and coast lands is approximately 504,030 km² and 194,884 mi² and this makes Spain smaller only as compared to France in the entire of Europe.


The western borders are shared with Portugal and the southern borders by a British overseas territory called Gibraltar and also the country of Morocco On the northeastern border lay France and Andorra. Some remote islands included in Spain are Chafarine and isle of Alborán.

Mainland of Spain comprises of many hills and mountains and includes some of the tallest ranges of Europe including the Sierra Nevada. Rivers that run downwards from the mountainous terrains are many and the famous ones include River Ebro, River Tagus, River Guadiana, River Duero and River Guadalquivir.


Calculations of 2007 reveal that Spain’s GDP was approximately $1.362 trillion. Spain’s economy is considered to be on number nine in the world ranking and number five in terms of Europe.