Bilbao also called as Bilbo in Basque lies in the Northern part of Spain and is the population, economic and tourist capital of the Province of Biscay. The city has a population of 354,145 and the total area of land occupied is 41.3 km².

The city lies in the county of Basque and forms most part of Greater Bilbao which has a total population of 946,829. The dwellings of this region are located along the belt of River Nervión and are the industrial capital of the region.


The city is a major sea port and is situated in the Estuary of Bilbao with the suburbs stretching to the Biscay Bay. The city is divided into proper area and the metropolitan area which forms part of the Greater Bilbao along with other cities. The urban dwellings are encompassed by the mountainous terrains of El botxo, Pagasarri and Artxanda.

The city of Bilbao is administratively divided into different districts which are all together eight in number.


The city’s main routes are connected by a network of roads, trains, trams and underground service. There are a total of 13 bridges which form a link between two sides of the river and the AP-8 motorway is Bilbao’s link to the rest of Europe. AP-68 toll motorway is the connection between Bilbao and the remaining Spain.

The Metro Bilbao was initially conceived in the late 80’s and the project was inaugurated for public in 1995. More than 85 million people take advantage of this service every year. There are currently two lines that run and proposal are under consideration for starting a third line.

A total of 43 bus lines are operating within the city and point to the magnitude of public traveling that takes place in Bilbao. The city has excellent facilities for public travel and many more plans are being worked upon for further developments.