This is one of the ancient islands of Spain that are serene and secluded. The only portal of entry to the island is by the sea route and the ship can be embarked upon by Ibiza, one of the famous tourist cities famous for its night life and festivities. The total area occupied by Formentera is nineteen kilometers in terms of length and lies some six kilometers from Ibiza. The area covered by the island is 83.24 km². The Island belongs to the autonomic Balearic Islands and is in the Spanish dominion.

The total number of inhabitants of the present day Island of Formentera is 7,461 according to a census conducted 6 years back.

The island lies southwards from Ibiza and is one of the most beautiful pieces of land within the Mediterranean Sea.

The island has no cities and the dwellings are grouped into small villages called Sant Francesc Xavier, La Savina, Sant Ferran de ses Roques and El Pilar de la Mola.

Recently the quiet of the island of Formentera has been declined by the increasing number of tourist insurgence. To the north of Formentera Island lies the Illa de s’Empalmador and the only separation between the two is a sandbar. When the tides are low the boat can cross between the two closely situated islands.

The people of the Island of Formentera are multi linguists and the official languages are Spanish and Catalan as well Italian and Germany are spoken unofficially.

The name of the island comes from frumentarium which is a Latin word. The word means granary and the island has been a part of the Carthaginian realm in olden days. The island was succeeded by Romans and has also been ruled by the Byzantines and Vandals. When Spain was conquered by Arabs so was the autonomous Balearic Island.