The city of Granada is located in the independent region of Andalusia in Spain. It forms the capital of the province by the same name. Granada is positioned at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at the point where the Rivers Beiro, Genil, and Darro meet, and is at an altitude of seven hundred and thirty eight kilometers above sea level. The city covers and area of around eighty eight square kilometers and is home to 236982 people in the city proper and 472638 in the urban area, which makes it rank thirteenth among all the urban areas of the Spanish Kingdom. Not only Spanish citizens live here. Around 3.3 percent of the people who live here do not hold Spanish citizenship, and a majority of these (thirty one percent) have come here from South America. The closest airport to Granada is the Granada Airport.

The Moorish palace and citadel called Alhambra is situated in Granada. This structure has made Granada very popular among all other tourist and cultural cities of Spain.the reason for this popularity is that Alhambra is a famous item of the historical legacy of the followers of three religions; the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims. The part of the city called Albaicin consists of a number of Morisco and Moorish constructions which have been well preserved. Numerous Muslim buildings were destroyed when the Christians ruled over Granada, but a few still remain and they provide a very good example of domestic architecture brought to Europe by the Moors. These building include the house of Chapiz, the house of the Horno de Oro, the house of Aben Humeya, the Dar al-Hora Palace, and the Alcazar Palace. The Nasrid infrastructure net, which provides water to the public fountains and wells, is still working to a major extent.

Another reason why Granada is so well known all over the world is its lively night life, as well as the esteemed University of Granada. Besides the cities of Santiago de Compostela and the Salamanca, Granada is said to be the best city for college students.