Ibiza also called as Eivissa by the Catalans is another Island situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a Balearic Islands and belongs to the dominion of Spain. Also known as the Pine Island along with the island of Formentera. There are three major cities on the island and many small towns and villages. The cities include are Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza and Santa Eulària des Riu. In summers the cities of Ibiza are famous for the club parties which benefit the tourism industry of the region. Well renowned clubs include Es Paradis, Privilege, Space, DC10, Pacha, Amnesia and Eden.

The Sant Antoni party place also lies on the island and is another popular spot amongst tourists.

The settlements of Ibiza date back to the Phoenician tribes who have said to have inhabited the island around 654 BC. It was a port initially and the name Ibiza originates from the Phoenician word iboshim. The Romans called it as Ebusus.

Greeks had also ruled on Ibiza in olden days and in their times originated the term of Pitiusas or pine covered islands. This was applied to the Island of Formentera as well as the Island of Ibiza. With the doom and downfall of Phoenicia the Carthaginians took control of Ibiza.

The famous shrine which was dedicated to the Goddess Tanit was built in the Es Culleram which is a cave in Ibiza.

Ibiza established trade and commerce with the neighboring islands after the port was developed and from 400 BC the people started exporting as well as importing as it became part of Eivissa. The islands major products included salt, garum, dye and wool; these were extremely popular amongst neighboring lands. Ibiza also struggled but major reforms came when connections with the Islands of Mallorca were strengthened and wars were fought against the Carthaginian invasion with the help of the paid men from other islands.