La Coruña

A Coruna or Corunna, which is called La Coruna in Spanish, and A Coruna in Galician, is the capital of the province by the same name. it ranks second with respect to all the cities in the Galicia region which is located in the north western part of Spain. The largest city in the Galicia region of Spain is the port of Vigo which is situated in the province of Pontevedra. The city’s name, A Coruna, is thought to have come from the columna of ancient times. The columna is the Tower of Hercules which was still exists but was converted into a lighthouse in the year 1791. The city covers an area of around thirty seven square kilometers and is home to 244388 people in the city proper and 384616 people in the metropolitan area.

The city of Corunna is linked to the Atlantic Ocean and is a very busy port. The port is used to distribute all the agricultural products which are produced in the region. Besides the heavy industries of metal works and shipyards located in the city of Ferrol, there is also an oil refinery in the city of Corunna as well.

The climate of Corunna is classified as being a temperate maritime climate which is affected heavily by the Atlantic Ocean. But the climate also has some characteristics of a Mediterranean climate. The autumn and winter seasons have a lot of rainfall and also face strong winds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. It is because of the ocean that the temperatures are mild and there is not a lot of snow or frost. The summer season is very sunny as well as dry and it only rains occasionally. Even though the summer temperature is warm it is not uncomfortable because of the cooling provided by the ocean in the daytime. The weather in the spring season is usually calm and cool.