Majorca, which is called Mallorca in Spanish and Catalan, ranks first among all the islands of Spain with respect to size. That is, it is the largest island situated in Spain. Majorca is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is a part of the group of islands called the Balearic Islands archipelago. This is called Islas Baleares in Spanish and Illes Balears in Catalan. The other islands included in the Balearic Islands archipelago are Formentera, Ibiza (called Eivissa in Catalan), and Minorca (called Menorca in both Spanish and Catalan). The name of the island itself originates from a Latin term insula major, which means larger island. This later became Maiorica. All of these islands as well as the island of Majorca are very popular tourist destinations. Since the time when package tourism to Majorca started in the United Kingdom and Germany on May 1952, a lot of people have been coming here and still prefer to do so. There has been no decrease in its level of popularity. Majorca covers an area of around three thousand six hundred and forty square kilometers and is home to 790763 people.

Palma is the capital of the island of Majorca. It also forms the capital of the independent district of the Balearic Islands. La Balanguera is the anthem of Majorca.

There are two mountain ranges in Majorca. Each one of them has a length of around seventy kilometers. The ranges are situated on the north western part of the island and the eastern part of the island. The Puig de Massanella, a mountain in the Serra de Tramuntana, is the highest peak of Majorca with a height of 1445 meters. There are two bays on the coast on the north east, called Badia d’Alcudia, and Badia de Pollenca, which is the smaller of the two. There are a lot of cliffs on the coast on the north and the landscape is very rough as well.