Pamplona, which is called Iruna or Irunea in the Basque dialect, is a city in the country of Spain and it also forms the capital of Navarre, as well as that of the kingdom of Navarre. For those people who are nationalists of Basque, the historical capital of the Basque Country is Pamplona. Pamplona is known all over the world for the San Fermin festival which is held every year from the sixth of July to the fourteenth of July. In this festival the encierro (which is the running of the bulls) is one of the main features. In his first novel titled The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway brought the fiesta known to the local population as Sanfermines to the knowledge of people all over the world. Pamplona covers an area of around twenty four square miles and is home to more than five hundred thousand people in both the city proper and the metropolitan area.

The city of Pamplona is positioned in the Cuenca de Pamplona, which is a valley in the middle of Navarre. This valley forms a link between the Ebro valley and the mountainous North areas.

In the last few decades Pamplona was just a small rural town with the both the industry and services being of a medium size. But all that has now changed. The industry has broadened and the automotive industry has become the most important part of the city’s industry. Other major industries include food processing, metal working, and building materials.

The city is linked with areas such as Logrono, Vitoria, and San Sebastian via motorways. The old bus station of the year 1934 has been replaced with a new one which was built in the year 2007. There are also several flights each day which go to Barcelona and Madrid from the airport in Noain.