San Sebastián

The official name of the city of San Sebastian is Donostia-San Sebastian. It is known as Donostia in Basque and San Sebastian in Spanish. The city forms the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa which is located in the part of Spain known as Basque Country. The people who live here are known as donostiarras, and this is the same both in Spanish as well as in Basque. The city covers an area of around sixty one square kilometers and is home to 183090 people. Out of these, about four hundred and five people live in the metropolitan area.

The city of San Sebastian is positioned due north of the Basque Country and on the Bay of Biscay’s southern coast. The reason for the popularity of San Sebastian is its scenic coastline, which provides prime locations for beach resorts. Other reasons for the popularity are the hills in the surroundings which can be accessed easily, and the romantic location of Ulia.

The major sports played in San Sebastian are football and rugby. The football club known as Real Sociedad has its home in the city. This club ranked among the top clubs in the Spanish top flight for a period of forty years. But it has now fallen from grace and plays in the La Liga Second Division. The rugby matches hosted in the city are played in the Anoeta Stadium. The Biarritz Olympique has its matches here. The city also plays host to the Clasica de San Sebastian, which is a bicycle race held every year in the summer and it lasts for just one day.

One of the major celebrations held in the city of San Sebastian is the festival called Tamborrada. It is the feast of the Saint Sebastian and is held on the twentieth of January.