Switzerland also called as Schweiz by the Germans, Svizzera by the Italians and Suisse by French is the Confoederatio Helvetica also called as the Swiss Confederation. This is one of the Western European Confederations and occupies a total area of forty one thousand kilometer square. The total Swiss population is approximately seven and a half million and the country is one of the most popular tourist resort. The country is one of the richest countries of the planet with most important banking arena located in Geneva and Zurich.

The Swiss Republic comprises of twenty six states and they are also known by the name of Cantons. The capital city of the federation is Berne. The country of Switzerland borders with the countries called France, Germany, Austria and Italy. The Republic of Switzerland came into being in the early thirteenth century and has been at peace since the year1815. The Federation also holds the honor of being the house of many international organizations including the World Trade Organization, Red Cross and U.N.’s office in Europe. The name of the Confederation in Latin has been taken from the Italian word Helvetti which were ancient tribes situated in the region of the Alpines. Many languages are spoken in the state of Switzerland and it is called by different names in different languages. The German call it Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft and the French Confédération suisse. The independence of Switzerland is celebrated on 1st if August each year and the day is a national holiday.


The economy of the city revolves around tourism mostly. The bread and butter of most people living in Switzerland is by the hospitality and tourism industry which is fed by the countless people visiting the country each year. However things have not looked so good for the masses in the past decade. With a rise in unemployment from 1.7% to 3.9% most people are criticizing the current economic reforms.