Geneva is the largest economic center of Switzerland after the city of Zurich and has the most people who speak French out of the entire country. The city is situated along side the River of Rhone and is the capital city of the Canton of Geneva.

Geneva is flooded with the largest banks of the globe and is one of the richest cities of the world. There are also several organizations of International stature that are housed in Geneva including the headquarters of several divisions of the United Nations, International Red Cross. The place of signature of the Historic Geneva conventions is Geneva and these were the guidelines imposed post war regarding the prisoners of war. Being the richest city it was found to have been inhabited by people who ranked second in the list of quality lifestyles.


The city belongs to a developed country and thus has a high literacy rate. The most read newspaper of Geneva is the Tribune de Genève which is read by approximately 187,000 Genève’s each day. The paper was first published on 1st February 1879 and was the invention of the Roman Catholic Church established in 1868. The paper became completely devoid of influences in the late twentieth century. The Radio and Broadcasting Corporation of Geneva is strong and comprises of many French speaking channels. The most famous station is Radio Suisse Romande. There are also other local stations that are Geneva specific and are famous amongst the masses.

The culture of the city has its roots in the earlier settlements of the region and is distinct and rich and attracts many tourists to not only visits the site but also absorb the ambience of Geneva.