Lugano also called as Luganum in the native Latin is a town that is the residence of some hundred and thirty thousand people. The town lies in the Southern part of Switzerland and the language of this region is mostly Italian. The town is located in the canton of Ticino which has Italy as its neighbor.

The city offers a warm climate in summers and is now famous for many celebrity tourists. Like the rest of Switzerland the town is dominated by the presence of many visitors throughout the year which results in the generating most of the revenue. Monte Carlo of Switzerland as it is called because of the famous elite that it attracts in terms of population Lugano is the ninth largest city of the Confederation.

The origin of the word Lugano is Latin and comes from the word Lucus which means sacred wood or Lake Dweller. Lago di Lugano or the Lugano Lake is the site of the city and the exact location is in between two lakes called the Lago di Como and Lago Maggiore.

The city is situated at the site where Cassarate River joins the Lake in between the mountains of San Salvatore and Brè.

The city of Lugano is most popularly known for Palazzo dei Congressi. This is the center for performing arts and has a hall reserved for Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. This center comes alive at the times of the festivals and is an adequate description of the dignity and love for the art by the dwellers of Lugano. Blues to Bop Festival and Estival Jazz which are during the months of August and July respectively are the most famous annual events that take place in the city.

The city is populated at the time of these events and thousands of spectators fly from all over Switzerland as well as the rest of Europe to experience the joy of music.