Zurich is the most populated and economically sound city of Switzerland. It is called as Zürich by the Germans and Zurich by the French. The city has a population of more than ten hundred thousand people only in urban areas and is the capital city of the canton of Zurich. The city heads all other departments of the country except for politics which is dominated by the city of Bern. The commercial and cultural activities of Zurich are phenomenal and are one of the few cities of the first world that claim at providing the best quality of lifestyle that there is.

The city was known as Turicum which was the name of a tombstone and the meaning of the name or its roots have not been identified. The earliest hints to the current name go back to the 6th century and from the onset of 10th century the area has been referred as Zurich by most historians in most texts.

Zurich is famous for its transportation system and the area is lined by many railways and tram tracks. Zürich Main Station, Inter City Express, Tiefenbrunnen, Oerlikon and several other stations are present in the city. The TGV high-speed which is French also has a stop in the city.

Three motorways which are the major roads pass close to the city and are used by many to experience the beauty of Zurich. International Airport is located in Kloten and lies at a distance of ten kilometers from the main city. The military aviation air field lies in the region of Dübendorf.

To top all this there are also boats which traverse the rivers and lakes of the city and there is also a cable car to experience the bird eye view of the city.

The language of the region is mostly German because of the strong hold of the race on the roots of the old city. It is not only the native but also the official language of Zurich.