United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most developed nations of the globe. The Kingdom is a combination of four countries namely Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. In terms of administration United Kingdom is a democracy and has parliamentary form of government with the Prime minister as the leader of the house as well as a constitutional monarchy with the Royal Family as the head of the state. The capital of the kingdom is situated in London and the head of the state of the present day United Kingdom is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There are also two federations included within the realm of the United Kingdom which are of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. These are both Crown Dependencies. Britain had also acquired many areas overseas and at one point and time the British Empire has extensions not only in the Continent of Europe but Asia and Australia as well. Britain invaded and formed colonies in the regions and taxed the local people for providing them with an administrative structure.

Few of those Empires still remain and are still a part of the modern day Britain. All in all these are fourteen dominions. Britain was at one point and time the largest Empire and has never been challenged in terms of the area of land it ruled upon. Remains of British Rule can still be observed remarkably well in many countries including New Zealand, Pakistan, Canada, United States of America, India, Australia and South Africa. The Royal rule has left its marks on the culture, language and schools of thought of these countries. Her Majesty is till date the head of Commonwealth realms.

United Kingdom ranks number six when the economies of the world are listed and are an influential member of the United Nations and NATO.